First couple of streams

So I’m streaming development of ORE on Twitch.TV, the primary reasons for this are to provide myself with some pressure to move forward, to make decisions (even if those decisions lead to failure) and to hopefully increase the exposure of Delphi in an arena dominated by the likes of Unreal, Unity etc.

The project is ORE (The Outer Reaches Retro Roleplay Engine) that was originally conceived back in 2006 as a result of a game development competition held on Pascal Game Development. Using unDelphix (a suite of components providing an interface to DirectX) and Delphi Web Script for the scripting side of things it was clunky, couldn’t handle alphablending and was painfully slow.

The new engine is going to be OpenGL based (which handles alpha with ease) and will be using Lua for the bulk of the actual game development aspects such as defining objects, their interactions with the world etc. The editor and engine will be developed with Delphi and I’m going to learn a heck of a lot along the way. I’ve already learned I need to implement some OpenGL helper classes to manage texture instances across multiple rendering contexts and the biggie… I’m spending far too much time screwing around with GUI libraries that may make the app look smart, but because I’ve not used them for an age I’m either struggling to make it do what I want or it’s just taking way too long.

So, I’m removing all the fancy GUI baggage and getting back to basics in order to try and focus on what matters… the application itself 🙂

And there you go, quick update, feel free swing by on Twitch and if I’m streaming say hello 🙂