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40 something ex-software engineer with a love of Delphi and gaming

Why? Case sensitivity in software source code

In case it’s not clear from my moniker, in the world of software development Delphi is my preferred weapon of choice and if you’re not familiar with it (you should be), the underlying language is Pascal. I’ve been using Pascal for over 30 years, in this time of COVID-19 lockdown I’ve been using my time to learn Typescript, brush up on modern Javascript and familiarise myself with the Node.js ecosystem.

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Happy Birthday Delphi – 25 Today!

The year, 1995. Windows 3.1 was the current Microsoft operating system running on the family’s 486sx 25MHz with 4MB of RAM. Turbo Pascal 7 was my weapon of choice but of course it couldn’t produce Windows applications… yes there was Turbo Pascal for Windows and Borland Pascal but they both required lots of boiler plate code to make windows and interact with the OS (Nightmare). And then it happened…

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Using Lua with Delphi – Getting tables out of Lua

For our new game, the current plan is to use Lua to provide content and control, with Delphi doing most of the heavy lifting (rendering, game state saving etc.). To achieve this, it’s necessary to establish an interface to Lua (for this, I’m using the excellent interface by Dennis Spreen – VerySimple.Lua – this is specifically for Lua 5.3) and then to get the data out of it. This article is going to focus on the later as VerySimple.Lua is very simple to use (excellent job Dennis 🙂 ).

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Stream Recap – Week ending 29th April 2019

Development has been progressing at a steady pace, the editor can now create a new project, save it, close it, open another. Tilesets (for the maps at least) can be imported with basic details (index, name, description) being editable. Further features are planned for the tileset manager but it’s good enough for now to progress.

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