New Release From Mobillu – Tap Lander

Mobillu have recently released a new game called Tap Lander. It’s a take on the classic lunar lander style game, read on for a little review.

Tap Lander

Disclaimer – So no one can cry foul I am going to make it quite clear that Mobillu is the brand my brother uses for his mobile gaming projects. If I didn’t think Tap Lander was worthy of a mention, I wouldn’t mention it, but having watched him put the game together, I’m really impressed by his work and well, I think he deserves a mention.

The concept is simple… tilt the device left and right to move your craft across the screen and tap to run your rockets. Using your rockets burns fuel and you only have a finite supply, so use it wisely.

Tap Lander - A 'Novice' difficulty level

Looks simple enough doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s one thing I forgot to mention about my brother… I believe he has the quality that all good games designers have… an evil streak a mile wide! Very quickly you realise that those novice levels… they are there to sucker you in and make you think you can land your craft anywhere.

As you progress you’ll be introduced to all sorts of lovely things that get in your way… crushers that go up and down or side to side, blocks you can’t see through so you have no idea where your lander is behind them… and that’s just the beginning as this next screenie demonstrates.

Tap Lander

You get the Novice levels for free with the rest requiring a single in-app purchase and it’s available now for Android and iOS. If you’re into retro style games, it’s well worth a look.