Scam Tech Support – 08085550164

Just a heads up… if you’re in the UK and you or a relative (who is not as tech savvy as you might like them to be) get a call from 08085550164, then simply tell them you’re computer runs Linux and that they are trying to scam you.

The call opened with ‘Hello mam… this is ???? from Windows Technical Helpdesk. For the last few days we have been receiving errors from your computer. Is your computer switched on at the moment mam?’

I was asked what I could see on screen… I replied CentOS 6.5 and stated the computer ran Linux and that he was trying to scam me. *click* *beeeeeep*

So these guys are the standard IT support con job. The number doesn’t currently show up on google, so I’m posting this just to get it out there. And if this is your number or you are the provider of this number, I’d love for you to get in touch via the comments and explain to me (and anyone else who reads my site) how you can justify scamming people.

Of course you won’t so I’ll simply close with a statement… people like you are the scum of the earth, preying on people like my now sadly departed Grandma, or my Mum and Dad. People who may not be as tech savvy as they need to be in this day and age. I actually can’t decide who’s worse… the people who setup the scam, the people who supply the facilities they need or the people who sit on the end of the line making the calls. Morally bankrupt… all of you!