Why Has It Been So Quiet Here?

It’s been very quiet here, not completely unusual I know, but this time there is a very good reason. In January an email arrived in my inbox at work. The quick version goes something like “Do you want to walk 40 miles to raise money for charity?” For some reason, which I still haven’t figured out, I replied “Yes”.

Yes, you did read that correctly… I signed up to walk 40 miles for charity. Specifically, I (and eight colleagues) agreed to walk 40 miles for Action Medical Research for Children. As a consequence, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with getting out into the big wide world training.

I’ll cut to the chase… if anything I’ve done has helped you out and you’d like to give something back or you’re just feeling generous, you can sponsor my colleagues from 3tc Software and I here (don’t forget if you’re a UK tax payer, be sure to check the gift aid check box). The event itself is taking place on 4th July (I know, the website says the 3rd, but that’s when you meet up and get your safety briefing etc.), when we start walking at midnight and go through the day, finishing on the Saturday afternoon.

My training has mainly consisted of doing laps of Bradgate Park. As a team we’ve organised a few group training events, the last of which was yesterday when we plodded a figure 8 route centred on Bradgate Park. Was an excellent day out.

I ache and my feet feel ‘fuzzy’, but I had a great day. Walking through some amazing countryside with a really great bunch of people. The only bad thing on the day… a somewhat scary heard of cows that seemed intent on getting us.

So, the downsides of this challenge are pain and suffering, but the upside… for the first time in many years, I’ve been exercising regularly. I’ve come to the realisation that I can make time in my schedule for going out and getting some exercise. Ok, so things have been very quiet… mainly because I’ve been training hard for this event. Once it’s out of the way I’m going to back off a little… not alot… just enough to get some time for my personal projects.

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