MindManager 6 Pro by MindJet

Rating - 9.0/10.0 - 9

Time for another review. This time its MindManager 6 Pro by MindJet.

I can review this product in one word… AWESOME.

But that doesn’t really tell you much about it and what it does… so here it is…

MindManager is quite simply a diagramming tool that helps you get ideas out of your head and onto paper… or a Power Point presentation, a Word document, a PDF… I’m sure you get the idea.

So how does it work? Well its quite simple really… you punch in a bunch of text labels and then organise them by dragging them around the document and linking them to a parent. The software handles laying out the diagram and provides a mass of styles so you can customise pretty much every aspect of it. It also provides a system of text, icon, resource and fill markers… these can be customised to indicate specific things… whether a page in your website is secured and only available to registered user or public for example. Icons and text marker groups can be configured so that their markers are mutually exclusive.

But it doesn’t stop there… you can attach notes to items, define relationships between the items (the diagram by its very nature will have a hierarchical structure, but relationships can be added between any node), add call outs, attach files and provide hyperlinks that can point to practically anything. The hyperlinks can be really useful if a diagram is getting out of hand… select a node with a mass of children, right click, ‘Send To…’, ‘New Linked Map’ and hey presto… the node is copied to a new map where it is the central topic. Its children are moved from the original map to the new one and hyperlinks are added to allow quick navigation between the original map and the new one.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you brainstorm or organise your mind, then MindManager is an amazing tool to have in your toolkit. I’ve been looking at it for many years until I finally made the decision to spend some of my bosses money to purchase a copy. I was drowning in a mass of information, unable to get the ideas straight in my head no matter what I tried… within minutes of getting the software I was starting to get things organised.

The only downside (the only reason its not scored a full 10 out of 10) is its relatively high cost… all it does is draw these diagrams, so the price tag may seem a little high at £199 ex. VAT, but it does it brilliantly and it is a joy to use and for that reason alone I think its worth its purchase price. That said, I have only really just started using it, so I’ve not really looked at its full functionality and there is quite a lot of it.

Sample diagram illustrating how MindManager can be used to assist in the decision making process.

Sample MindManager diagram