LittleBigPlanet Tutorials

Having owned LittleBigPlanet since it’s release, I’ve been tinkering with the level editor, more precisely, I’ve been tinkering with the mechanics that sit behind the game play of a level… the logic that makes puzzles and complex games possible.

There are plenty of examples on-line, including YouTube videos and user designed levels, some of which include prize bubbles with some logic building blocks. But, they seem to concentrate on the basics… I’ve only found a couple of really complex examples (and one of those wasn’t available for download so you could learn from it). So where do you start if you want to do something a little bigger?

Well, you should ideally understand the basics of boolean algebra and basic logic gates as these are the building blocks. Once you’ve got the basics nailed, it’s just a case of working logically (no pun intended) through the problem you are trying to solve.

In these LittleBigPlanet Tutorial pages, I’ve tried to cover the basics and then progress through some increasingly complex problems, I’ve also tried to explain my methods for creating the mechanics for the levels I build.

My suggested reading order would be:-

NOTE:- This is not a tutorial on how to use LBP’s level creation tools. I’m assuming that you’ve played around with the tools themselves, and that you know how to tweak things (see the hints and tips for my recommendations on materials, sizes, etc.).

ps. If you’re wondering where the pages are, I’m in the process of writing them. This section is still very much under construction. Athena – 5th Dec 2008.

Other Sources Of Information

For further information about logic in LBP, there are a host of levels available. Just run a search in-game for Logic. I would suggest Netty’s logic tutorials, and one that discusses compact logic (apologies to the author because I can’t remember their name). Both give away prize bubbles with logic elements in them which can be very useful if you are just starting out.

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