Scott Heavner’s Ratings Plugin

I’ve been asked about using Scott Heavner’s ratings plugin (version 1.2), so here’s a little bit of information.

  • Drop ratings.php into your plugins directory
  • Grab the ‘’ file (I’m guessing from Scott’s site). Put the ‘Progress’ directory into you wp-images directory
  • Decide which ratings style you want and configure the plugin using the variables in ratings.php (I didn’t have much luck with this method so I hardcode the configuration in the file)
  • Activate the plugin
  • Decide where you want the ratings bars and edit your templates to include the following code:-
    <?php rating_the_rating( ); ?>
  • And then, to add a rating, simply add the ‘rating’ custom field to a post

Thats all the features of Scott’s plugin that I use. I have myself looked for updates and have been unable to find them.

I can’t be more specific because it’s a long time since I set it up.

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One Comment

  • Joe says:

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the tips on how to use this plugin. It is a good start for me to explore it. Thank you.

    Joe :)