Linked Pages

Linked Pages is a plug-in for WordPress that makes it easy to build structure into your site using custom post types and page pickers that can be embedded in the post editors.

The homepage for the plug-in is on my wiki. If you’ve got comments/questions, please leave them here on this page.

The plug-in can be downloaded from the WordPress plug-in directory here.

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  • Anitra says:

    How do I set the post type? What should I see in the post editor that allows me to link posts?

  • Anitra says:

    How do I create new post types?

  • Hi Anitra,

    I’m going to be completely up front with you… I don’t actually know a whole lot about custom post types. I only looked into them when I started writing this plugin for Emerson.

    I would suggest you take a look at the Custom Post Type UI plugin. This allows you to setup custom post types. Once they are setup, you should get extra menus to add new instances of the custom post type.

    You may also want to read WordPress Codex on Custom Post Types as it provides quite a bit of useful information (certainly I’ve just learned quite a bit reading it looking for information for you :-) )

    Hope this helps.