ShroudBNC Netgamers Script

If you’re familiar with IRC, then you are probably familiar with the term ‘bouncer’. A bouncer is a bot that allows you to appear on-line, even when you’re not. A popular (and quite powerful) bouncer is ShroudBNC. It is highly customisable using scripts and plug-ins created with the programming language Tcl.

Most IRC networks have their own schema for handling channel and nickname registrations and Netgamers is no different. They have a channel service bot called ‘P’. This sits in registered channels, dishing out operator status etc. as required by the channel owners. But, it’s fairly unique in it’s command, set making all the ShroudBNC scripts for channel and nick service bots useless.

Since we needed it to login to the channel service bot, I figured I’d write a script to handle it, and here it is. To use the script, simply provide your P username and password, turn authorisation on, and set whether you want to enabled ‘MODE +X’. Thats it, you’re good to go. You can optionally provide a list of ‘auto-invite’ channels that the bot will automatically join if invited there by P (you can have P auto-invite you to channels when you login to it).

The script itself has only been tested/written for ShroudBNC version 1.1 and it’s accompanying web interface. It will not work with version 1.2 (or at least, I’m not prepared to say anything other than that).

NOTE:- This section is very basic at the moment. I do have a couple of changes planned for the script to try and address a couple of issues (namely the problem with being kicked when P rejoins following a netsplit and the fact that even though you stay logged in, P decides that you are idle and your channels can run the risk of being deleted). When I release the next version, I will update this section to provide a lot more information about the commands and configuration options.

If you have comments or questions about this script, please sign up and account and head over to it’s forum which is located at here.


NetGamers Script for ShroudBNC (Ver. 1.1)


The files contained in the ZIP file are as follows.

Filename Description
netgamers.tcl The actual script that provides the module. Copy to your ShroudBNC scripts directory and rehash the Tcl module.
netgamers-lang-en.php The language strings required by the modules web interface script. Copy the content of this file into the main language file (in the LANG directory) of the web interface.
netgamers.php The web interface script. Copy this into the web interface root directory, and modify index.php to include a reference to netgamers in the $usermenu array.
readme.txt Readme/release notes.
license.txt A copy of the General Public License (GPL) under which this script is released.
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