WordPress Plug-ins

I maintain a number of WordPress plug-ins. The support forums and user documentation for these are all available here on my blog.

Polite Request – I am very busy, but I always try to find time for users of my plug-ins who are experiencing difficulties with them (this has in the past included actually writing bespoke plug-ins for people who have wanted to achieve things my existing plug-ins can’t do – this is how the ‘Linked Pages’ plug-in came into being). To help me help you, please can I ask that if you have a problem with one of my plug-ins that you don’t go shouting about it on the WordPress plug-in support pages. The plug-ins do state that to get help quickly you should post here on my blog. The reason for that is because I get notifications that someone has posted, the WordPress site doesn’t notify me and because I don’t always check it, you could end up waiting for a long time for an answer. This is bad for you and it makes me look bad… I want neither of those things, so please… before posting, please read the user documentation available on this site and if you then have a question etc. please post in the appropriate forum. (Thanks, AthenaOfDelphi)

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