I think it's only fair that the people who have helped (or requested functionality or assistance that has resulted in new functionality) get a mention, so here they are…

  • Scott Wallick - Thanks to Scott for writing the original Custom Field Widget, his efforts provided the seed from which the Advanced Custom Field Widget has sprouted.
  • James Collins - Thanks to James for reporting the problem whereby the widget displayed the wrong data if something else tinkered with the $post variable before the widget was rendered.
  • Will Wertheim - Thanks to Will for requesting the 'Content Generator' functionality.
  • Bill Weye - Thanks to Bill for spotting the bug in the 'Content Generator' and requesting the extension of the 'Content Generator' functionality to allow the inclusion of other fields.
  • Yanik Prefontaine - Thanks to Yanik for requesting some assistance and the 'Widget Index' functionality which came out of that request.
  • Jos Velasco - Thanks to Jos for requesting some assistance and the ideas that came out of that request to bring us version 0.93.
  • Ronald van der Zwan - Thanks to Ronald for highlighting the issue with 0.94 not loading all custom fields correctly and for providing the first user translation of ACFW in the form of a set of Dutch language files.
  • Deena Mobbs - Thanks to Deena for letting me know about the linefeed handling issue that was fixed in version 0.98.

I'd also like to thank Yanik and Bill for their proof reading services :-D