WordPress - Advanced Custom Field Widget

This section cover the Advanced Custom Field Widget plugin for WordPress that I maintain.


The plugin is based on the original Custom Field Widget by Scott Wallick. I started using Scott's plugin but found it didn't have all the features I wanted, so I started butchering it. The end result was the Advanced Custom Field Widget (or ACFW for short) which can now be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

So, what does it do? Well, quite simply, it allows you to drop content from custom fields attached to posts into widgets for display on your sidebar. A good example would be the 'Buy from Amazon' widget on my blog. When I review things, I grab a link from Amazon and drop that link into a custom field called 'amazon'. When the page is displayed, that field is loaded and the content is displayed in the widget providing a link for people to purchase the item I've reviewed from Amazon. On other pages, the widget can be set to draw content randomly from posts which have data for the field allowing you to cycle through items you've reviewed.

Thats it in a nutshell. For detailed information, have a read of the user guide which gives some detailed information about operation of the widget and it's various configuration options.


To the best of my knowledge, ACFW requires at least version 2.5 of WordPress and is (at the time of writing) compatible with WordPress versions upto (and including) 3.0.3.

Current Version

The current version of ACFW is 0.99 released on 25th January 2011.

Important Note For Existing Users - If you are upgrading from version 0.83 (or less), please be sure to fully test your site and check your configuration after installing the latest version. Version 0.92 was a fairly major release that saw a large portion of the widget re-engineered to optimise functionality and to provide more features. For full details of the changes refer to the version history.

News - Version 1.0.0 of the widget is currently in the works. It is a complete rewrite designed to make it easier to use and ultimately a lot more flexible than the current version.

Bugs and Features

This wiki is not the place to report bugs or request features, instead go to the Outer Reaches Studios issue tracker (the location is provided by the plugin information displayed in the plugin manager of WordPress), register an account and use that to record any bugs you find or feature requests you may have, that way, all the bugs etc. relating to the widget can be kept in one place.

There is a list of known issues included here only for convenience. This list may not be complete and it may not be 100% up to date, so for the complete picture, you are advised to check out the issue tracker.