lcount version 1.1

Following some feedback from PGD, I’ve made a few changes to lcount. Read on for details.

Download lcount – Version 1.1 (~56K)

The original version had some limitations with regards to its handling of file attributes. This version addresses that by allowing you to include certain attributes or by specifying an exact combination of attributes to use for the search.

By default it will ignore any file that has the readonly, system or hidden attributes set, to include files that may have these attributes, use the –readonly, –system and –hidden switches. NOTE:- If a file has both the system and hidden attributes and you use the –system switch, it will be included. To limit the scan to a certain set of attributes, use –attr=[r][s][h]. For example, to scan only files that are hidden system files, use –attr=sh. Note:- Switches MUST be prefixed with two hyphens (ala Linux).

Dirk raised the issue of the BDS version control files (stored in the hidden __history directory)… in actual fact, if you scan for say *.pas, these won’t be included because their extensions are actually .~X~ where X is a versioning number. However, just in case this changes, I’ve added a switch –skiphistory that will skip ALL hidden directories called __history.

I’ve also added two switches. –notick turns off the ticker. This is important if you want to pipe the output somewhere else… if you don’t turn it off, you’ll end up with the ticker in the file. It also speeds up processing. By default, the program dumps the full file/pathname. If you don’t need it, you can have it dump just the filename by including the –short switch.

3_of_8 mentioned a program he’d written that included file size information, useful, so I’ve added that too, and you can now interrupt the scan with Ctrl+C and get the data its collected so far.

And finally, the original version also had an issue with readonly files… because it tried to open the files in random access mode, the open failed. This has been resolved and it now opens files in readonly mode.

I think that about wraps it up.

Original post about lcount version 1

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