Some of the benefits of Delphi XE7

It’s been a while since I posted and well I just thought I’d get this out there. For those who may not know, Embarcadero have recently released RAD Studio XE7 (and I’m going to give a mention to AppMethod as well), the latest version of their now cross platform enabled development environment. So what I hear you cry? Well, one of the things I tinker with when I have a few moments is my desire to be an author. I’ve been working on my first novel for some time and for this I use a fairly well known writing package that is available on Mac OSX and Windows. And right now I’m sure you’re thinking “what the hell have these two things got in common????”

And it’s actually a fine question, with an equally fine answer.

The package… we’ll call it ‘X’ was originally written for Mac OSX. It’s been developed and it’s now running at version 2.something. Woe is me cried all the Windows users out there (not me, I discovered it on my MacBook Pro) and so one day a Windows version was created. But all is not well in the land of X. For the Windows version is lagging behind. And now an iOS version is in the works, but it’s been in the works for quite a long time. Why? Because the Mac OSX version does some funky stuff (it does, and it does it really well) that’s proving difficult to reproduce on iOS? Could be. Why does the Windows version lag behind? That’ll be because Objective C (I’m making an educated guess that X was originally written in Objective C) isn’t available, as capable or mature on Windows? Could be.

Well, I’m tired of waiting. To avoid this kind of disappointing wait for your customers, pick a development platform that doesn’t suffer from this kind of disappointing cross platform compatibility/availability/capability issue.

I was involved with beta testing XE7… I used the beta in anger to put together a prototype application for my current employers. One form, one set of source code and a myriad of possible targets (namely Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX). A stable IDE which made multi-device development a breeze. I just plugged the Android devices into my PC, installed a helper app on my MacBook Pro and I was building and running Android and iOS apps in minutes. Changing the target was as simple as clicking a button.

Sure all the Xamarin (other cross platform tools are available) fans out there will probably be saying they can do that too… sorry guys, but I priced up Xamarin to support the same platform lineup as RAD Studio… there is no way I’m paying those prices (to get feature sets roughly the same as RAD Studio you’d be looking at somewhere in there region of $4000/year – that’s $999 per platform per year – compare that around $2000 for RAD Studio and then around $500/year for maintenance or the new recharge pricing model and well, Xamarin is an also ran).

Oh and did I mention, most of the libraries etc. I’ve used for years are now available to support cross platform development with RAD Studio? I love it, I absolutely love it. Problem is, now I have even more possibilities for projects… NIGHTMARE!!! But what a nice nightmare to be having :-)

And on that note, I shall close this post.

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