Review – Brooklyn Guesthouse, Clitheroe

Rating - 8.0/10.0 - 8

Recently, whenever I’ve been visiting one of my employers customers in Lancashire, I’ve been staying at Brooklyn Guesthouse in Clitheroe. I could stay just north of the customer site at Guy’s Thatched Hamlet, but Brooklyn came highly recommended by a member of the customers staff.

As he lives in Clitheroe, the chance to have dinner with him was a good reason in itself, but couple that with the fact that the first time I stayed there I was on a visit to do some major work that could have gone on long into the night and the customer has a site literally just round the corner from the guesthouse that I could get 24 hour access to and well… dam fine excuse to give the place a go.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The rooms I’ve stayed in have all been lovely. Nicely decorated, nicely furnished, beds that I’ve just melted into and some fantastic complimentary biscuits (not that they are a deciding factor, but they are nice). The guesthouse is run by a lovely lady called Jayne and her daughter and having sampled breakfast from both of them, I’d say they do a fine fine job. Nice selection of yoghurts, fresh fruit and cooked. I’ve sampled the full English and it’s great.

Prices are pretty darn good too and unlike your pre-packaged hotels, they’ve even knocked some off the bill when I’ve not been around for breakfast.

It’s within an easy walk of the town and a good selection of pubs (although to be fair, I’ve only visited one of them – The Blackhorse – more on that in another review). They’ve got some off-road parking and there is a fair bit out front on the road as well. It also has the advantage of some amazing views if like me you have to travel to say Preston and aren’t afraid of a few narrow windy roads.

All in all, I’d highly recommend it. My only gripe is that the rooms lack a workspace. Being a software engineer, when I’m out on site I’m generally sat tapping away into the wee small hours and a good desk and seat makes all the difference. On that score I’m afraid I don’t think you can beat a Premier Inn as they have it sussed, but that’s not the only reason to pick somewhere to stay.

So, gripe in mind, I’m going to give Brooklyn Guesthouse 8 out of 10.

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