Review – The Blackhorse, Clitheroe

Rating - 10.0/10.0 - 10

I mentioned The Blackhorse in my review of Brooklyn Guesthouse (which incidentally is just down the road) and worthy of a mention it is. I’ve eaten there, and unusually for me gotten merry there, on a number of occasions. So read on for a brief review.

Please don’t ask me to recount what I’ve eaten there… well at least not in great detail as I’m afraid the fine alcoholic beverages (read fine real beer) served there have somewhat diminished my recall capabilities. But what I can recall is that the beers have been great and the food has been amazing.

The place is run by husband and wife team Carl and Janet, a lovely pair who have made me feel most welcome everytime I’ve been there.

The amazing food… I’ve had a couple of their sizzlers (I can recall that) and they are fantastic. Served with rice or chips (or half and half – a nice idea that more places should do), you get a mountain of grub (thanks Janet). The menu has something for everyone… my only complaint… they put the pudding cabinet next to the exit so you have to walk past it… oh they look so good!

Good beer, good food, chuck in some good friends and you have the makings of an excellent evening. If you’re in the area and are in need of refreshment or nourishment, I can’t recommend the place enough, that’s why it’s getting the full monty.

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