Forcing Religion On People

I’m sure that most people will have had an encounter with Jehovahs Witnesses at least once. If you are a Jehovahs Witness, then I make no apology if you are offended by the content of this post, its just unfortunate that you are a part of a religion that so openly forces itself on people. And to be perfectly honest, I’m sick of it.

My take on religion at the moment is that they are all trying to get new followers. So lets consider some of them.

Roman Catholic… You think abortion is wrong and that contraception is wrong also… look at the suffering your religion has caused just because of these two items. You have converted countries to your ways and their people pay the price. So as far as I’m concerned you can take your hell marys and deposit them where the sun doesn’t shine. Your priests are notorious for abusing children and their position of trust while the powers that be sit idly by and do nothing.

Jehovahs Witnesses… You knock on peoples doors and waste their time. When will you learn to take no for an answer. I got collared yesterday… My opening line was something along the lines of “No thanks, I have no place for religion in my life” and still they carried on. Now I’m normally really polite, but my patience is wearing thin. Every so often they appear on your doorstep and preach. Pretty soon, I’m going to stop being polite and start being down right rude. If I want religion I’ll find it.

Mormons… As far as I’m concerned I have 0 time for anyone that will let their children/family/friends die over the simple matter of a blood transfusion. I don’t care about any other aspects of your religion. This single aspect of it is enough to reduce my respect for you to 0.

Islam… Any religion/culture that effectively says I am subordinate to men… kiss it, although I get the impression that this is largely due to the interpretation of the Koran rather than the actual content. But again… I’m surbordinate to men and I should cover myself in a gown so that no man can see my flesh… LOL… sorry, but this is the 21st century. I am NOT and will NEVER be subordinate to men. My other big problem with Islam and Muslims is that they think they are right and are (courtesy of their extremists, which seem to be quite copious in numbers) out to change western society so it fits with their somewhat outdated and very biggotted views. Enough said.

Jews… This is a touchy subject because of course you had a rough ride at the hand of Nazi Germany… but then you proceed to create a jewish state… in this process you force the Palestinians out of their homes and take over their land… then you wonder why they start bombing you??? Wake up. I don’t condone blowing people up and killing people, but then I don’t condone stealing peoples land. I guess my thoughts on Karma apply here.

Creationists…. An umbrella term I guess for people who are so blinded by the crap they’ve listened to, that they put stickers on books about evolution stating that the book is wrong and that god made the earth. You have 0 clue and more importantly, 0 proof that god created earth, where as those of us without our heads in the clouds can appreciate the wealth of scientific evidence available that totally disproves the ‘god created earth’ theory.

I could continue, but these are my major religious wind ups at the moment. Religion in general is mind control for the masses. It is possibly the single biggest cause of war in our history and I want no part in it. Any of it. I don’t need a god to believe in. I don’t need to be told how to treat thy neighbour. And I certainly don’t need to listen to some of the garbage that gets spouted by extremists. I’m fairly certain that no religious texts tell you to bomb, slaughter and maime based on another individuals religion. I’m also fairly certain that they all preach understanding, yet this is one of the key things that is lacking in the world today.

Now, I’ve ranted above and slagged off some religions/view points, but thats because I’m sick of the abortion debate, I’m sick of Jehovahs Witnesses wasting my time, I’m tired of hearing crap like ‘Islam has been vilifed since 9/11’… In short, I see, read and hear too much about religion.

At a time when our planet is facing some of its biggest threats, we are fighting amongst ourselves. We are all human and yet we fight like cats and dogs based on so called religious texts that in many cases are hundreds and hundreds of years old. If we are to survive beyond the 21st century, then we need to cast aside our differences and learn to live side by side and to do that, those of us who want no part in religion should not be subjected to it at every turn. That means no overt religious displays, no door knocking, no preachers… if people want religion they will find it. We should educate our children about all the religions, but we should not force our own views upon them, but instead we should allow them to find their own way, when they are good and ready.

I wish that every religion… and I mean EVERY religion, would stop trying to convert people to their religion. I’m sick of hearing Islam this, Budhism that, but at least they don’t come round and knock on your door and then try and tell you that you need god unlike the Jehovahs Witnesses. If I want god, I’ll find him (or her)… in my own way. I have no need for some religious gimp to tell me how to live my life and how I should treat other people. I have no desire to join a religion that doesn’t treat me as equal because I’m a woman, nor do I have any desire to waste my life sitting in a church singing hymns etc. And I certainly don’t want anything to do with a religion that can allow people to die for the sake of a little medical intervention.

We… that is we, the people of this planet… are one. We are the same. Regardless of skin colour, country of birth… we are all human. We have to learn to live together. Together we are strong… divided we will fall. In this time of uncertainty, we will need the collective skills and will to survive of the whole planet. We have achieved so much in the fragmented world we call our home. Think what we may be able to achieve if we were all united.

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