PS3 ‘80022D11′ Error

A word of warning… do NOT change the email address or password on your PS3 using the XMB account management options (as far as I can tell this applies to any firmware version from 2.50 onwards). There is an increasing number of players who are reporting that when they do, they start getting this error. Once that occurs, it seems the only fix is to wipe your profile and lose your game saves. Some people only report a trophy sync error, but others… as I say are resorting to the deletions of hours of gameplay to solve the issue.

This is hardly an acceptable solution, so SONY… get your bloody finger out and get a fix for this. We already have one account that is broken… how long before the other breaks! We are running firmware 2.53, and have changed the email address associated with an account after installing 2.50.

Update:- The 2.60 firmware update appears to fix this error for a large number of people. See this post for more information.


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