£1mil To Encourage Minorities Into Countryside

Unless I’m blind or just really unobservant, I don’t actually recall seeing any signs or any other items which may or may not deter the minorities of this country venturing into the countryside… they would use the same roads as the rest of us… the same means of transport… the same footpaths… so why is £1mil going to be spent trying to encourage the minorities into the countryside?

This story has one or two choice quotes, like this one from Trevor Phillips, chairman of the UK race watchdog.

the absence of minorities from the countryside was a form of “passive apartheid”

They don’t go to the countryside because they elect not to. There is nothing stopping them from going, just as there is nothing stopping white’s from going to the countryside. So yet again, the political correctness which we seem to hold so dear is being used as an excuse to spend £1mil on a project to try and tackle racism which doesn’t actually exist.

What about building bridges with deprived areas? With inner city areas? Places where the kids may never have been out of the city boundaries? But of course, that would not do because they are likely to be part of the majority white population of this country, who clearly count for nothing… who clearly don’t deserve to visit the country side because they are not part of a minority who are clearly kept out of the countryside by some invisible force of evil.


National parks are currently endeavouring to comply with the Race Relations Amendment Act which came into force in April 2000.

It placed a duty on local authorities and other service providers – which includes the national parks – to ensure discrimination did not take place in their service delivery.

What??? How can the Brecon Beacons be racist??? How can the Yorkshire Dales not comply with this legislation? We are talking about areas of countryside… forests, hills, mountains, streams, footpaths… do the tree’s spring forth and harrass members of minority populations? do the insects swarm endlessly around people with darker skin? Lets get real.

We are talking about choice. An individuals choice to goto the countryside or not. Some people like the countryside… some people do not. Some people feel the need to visit areas of outstanding natural beauty… some people do not.

How can this continue? The more special treatment is doled out, the more anger and resentment is likely to be generated amongst people who may be in greater need of help, but who, because they aren’t black, get squat! And of course, let us not forget the likes of the BNP… they must love stupid spending decisions like this because they can use it to highlight how unfairly the majority population is treated in comparison to the minorities… I used to think they were just plain racist… nowadays though I find myself starting to think that maybe a good dose of the BNP would do wonders for this country… maybe Enoch Powell had a point all those years ago.

You’re probably thinking I’m getting angry… and I am. I have lived here my entire life and in that time, the amount of pandering to minorities has increased steadily. The CRE preaches equality… they want equality for the ethnic minorities of this country and yet we seem to edge ever further away from equality in the minorities favour.

Why is this money just targetting minorities? What about spending it on targetting all sections of our society? Why should the minorities get £1mil to encourage them into the countryside, while the white majority gets nothing? Based on the figures presented by the article (minorities make up 8% of the population), for every £1mil they get to spend, we should get £12.5mil. Of course, clearly thats not going to happen as it would be argued that somewhere along the line we already get more than that… but we don’t… the money spent by these places is spent for the benefit of EVERYONE.. so if the minorities are getting an extra £1mil just for them, then really, there should be an additional £12.5mil made available for encouraging the rest of us into the countryside.

The article also mentions that to fund this encouragement of ethnic minorities in one area of the UK, it was proposed that guided walks be stopped. Guided walks that are quoted as being “popular”… so why should they be stopped??? Because they are mainly used by (and I quote) the “white middle class”. So f’kin what??? ANYONE CAN GO ON ONE OF THESE WALKS!!! You don’t have to be white and bank at Coutts to be allowed on them.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my concerns about where the UK is heading. I have grave concerns for the safety and security of my friends and family. With the passing of time, the tension is building. Those on the side of the minorities would probably argue that people like me, posting stuff like this are the cause… statement like ‘you’re racist’ spring to mind… but show me where in this article I propose unfair treatment/discrimination of ethnic minorities? All I want is fair treatment for EVERYONE. Not special treatment for a small percentage of the population because of the colour of their skin… or the religion they chose to follow… fair treatment for EVERYONE… and if that means removing some of the benefits from minorities, so be it. I want the right to go and buy a gollywog… to sing ‘Bah Bah Blacksheep’… and I want to live in a society where the human race understands that its ok to have different views… its ok to have black skin, yellow skin, brown skin… its ok to be disabled… because underneath we are one.

As we venture forth in the 21st century, it should become abundantly clear to everyone that unless we start working together as a planet, that the human race will die out one way or another… we’ve been around for centuries and we still don’t really know whats outside our own solar system. In the last 200 years, we have pushed our planet to the brink of death and now its starting to exact its revenge. If we are to survive, we have to all cast aside our difference… accept that we are not all alike… accept we are individuals… entitled to our own views… but at the same time… we must learn to accept everyone else as equals… learn not to discriminate because someone is gay, blind, paralysed, black, mixed-race… We have to unite as ‘The Humans’ and we have to start sooner rather than later if we are to survive our first huge challenge… the end of fossil fuels.

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