Knitted Hat for Sackboy

Well, here’s something I never thought would happen… a knitting pattern… on my blog… and whats more, it’s all my own work :-D

I actually only started knitting earlier this year, so at the most, 2 months ago… the reason… Sackboy. I found a knitting pattern by Alan Dart to make your own Sackboy, so after demanding my mum teach me how to knit, I got busy and knitted a Sackboy, who now lives with Spirit. But he was getting cold at night so she demanded I knit him some winter warmers.

So, I’ve knitted him a little body warmer (or gillet if you’re posh) and a little bobble hat, complete with pompom. I used 4mm needles and some Palette Collection yarn Series 019/219 ( available from Hobbycraft in the UK, although it does look like the exact wool I used is now discountinued).

Cast on 60 stitches (thumb method)

1st Row: K2P2 to end
2nd Row: K2P2 to end
3rd Row: Repeat 1st
4th Row: Repeat 2nd

5th to 7th Rows: Knit

6th to 13th Rows: Stocking stitch beginning with knit

14th Row: (K2 K2Tog K2) Repeat to end (50 stitches)
15th Row: Purl
16th Row: Knit
17th Row: Purl
18th Row: (K2 K2Tog K1) Repeat to end (40 stitches)
19th Row: Purl
20th Row: (K1 K2Tog K1) Repeat to end (30 stitches)
21st Row: (P1 P2Tog) Repeat to end (20 stitches)
22nd Row: (K2Tog) Repeat to end (10 stitches)

Thread yarn through stiches and tie off, stitch up to make a beanie hat.

There you have it,a nice little beanie hat… pompom is optional :-) And in a Blue Peter stylee, here’s one I made earlier…

Beanie with pompom for Sackboy

Beanie with pompom for Sackboy

I should just add… the gillet… went slightly wrong, so I’m working on another one.

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