PGD Competition 2006

At the start of the year, I was convinced to enter the Pascal Game Development “Big Boss” Competition 2006. The aim is simple, to develop a game, starting on the 15th January and ending on 7th May. You must use Pascal (the flavour is up to you) and the game must conform to some basic requires (levelised, mini bosses at the end of some levels with big boss to fight to complete the game)

Sounds simple enough, but wow what a stress maker. Yesterday was the deadline for stage 3 goals and it was tough. But overall, its proving to be a fantastic experience. We’re making a retro RPG based in The Outer Reaches universe. The working title at the moment is ‘Rise Of The Raiders’.

Check out this post and thread on the PGD forums for an idea of how we and some of the other competitors are getting on. This is the first time we’ve ever participated in anything like this, but we’re both thoroughly enjoying it and its opening our eyes to the possibilities of making our next big Outer Reaches title a client based game. The web is fine, but theres just so much more you can do with a client.

For anyone thats interested in using Pascal to develop games Pascal Game Development is a great place to checkout.

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