Sackboy Pattern

Seems I get quite a lot of hits from people looking for a sackboy knitting pattern, so to make your life easy… the pattern I use is by Alan Dart, and was published in Simply Knitting and The Sun On-line.

It’s a PDF, so simply download it, print it out and get busy knitting :-)

UPDATE (12th Jan 2014) - Doing some housekeeping, it seems The Sun is now a subscription service and I suspect the pattern is hidden behind a payment. The pattern was also available for free on-line at LittleBig Planetoid.

UPDATE (9th Jan 2015) - Unfortunately, the pattern no longer appears to be available from The Sun and LittleBig Planetoid appears to have gone off-line. Doing some digging it is available in the web archive here.

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  • Emily says:

    I don’t understand the increase count after the cast on. My count is off by two stitches at the end of the row. I have no more stitches to knit the last k2 at the end of the row. My son keeps asking to see how far I have gotten and even though I have asked four or five different people/knitting venues, I get no response. It is disappointing for the both of us.

    • Hi Emily,

      Which section is causing the problem?


      • Emily says:

        Thank you so much for responding. Below is how the sentence reads in the pattern.

        1st inc row K1, (inc1) three times, K3, (inc 1) three times, K2 [18sts]

        I used an increase of knit in front and back and got 16sts, not 18. There were no more sts left to k2 with.

        • So you’ve cast on and got two rows of stocking stitch (I’m assuming it’s the body). That pattern line should expand to:

          Knit one stitch – 11 stitches remaining on left, 1 stitch on right
          Increase one – 10 on l, 3 on r
          Increase one – 9 on l, 5 on r
          Increase one – 8 on l, 7 on r
          Knit three stitches – 5 on l, 10 on r
          Increase one – 4 on l, 12 on r
          Increase one – 3 on l, 14 on r
          Increase one – 2 on l, 16 on r
          Knit two stitches – 0 on l, 19 on r

          The increases in the pattern are all (if I recall correctly – I haven’t knitted a Sackboy in a while) standard knit front and back or bar (a term I heard this morning watching a YouTube video checking out my technique before I answered) increase. The video I found that, I felt was best presented was from the ‘For Dummies’ series… it was the best presented because of good camera work that clearly showed what was going on. It’s available on YouTube if you need it.

          If you’re technique is good, then I hate to say it but I would double check my cast on and make sure I’d got the right number of stitches at the beginning. If this info doesn’t help, let me know… you could always snap a video of what you’re doing an email it to me.

          Whatever happens, let me know how you get on.



  • Emily says:

    Hi Athena,

    Thank you so much for researching the video for me. I really appreciate your help. The video was very helpful as well as the writing format help me to understand more also. Things seem to be working now. I hope I don’t have anymore issues.
    My little guy will be so happy to have this little guy. :)

    Once again, I truly thank you for your kindness in helping us out.

  • Emily says:

    Will do and thanks again. :)

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