Another woeful England performance

What a woeful display of footballing ‘excellence’…. the best players we have… give me a break.

If you disregard the disallowed goal, England’s display was appalling… completely and utterly outclassed by the Germans… I know who I’ll be supporting from here on in.

These are some of the highest paid people in the country and yet to look at them… what the hell do they get paid to do? Can’t pass… can’t defend… can’t run… the list goes on! But stick them in their clubs and they all play great. What the hell went wrong?

Is it Fabio Cappello? The formation? What???

The only player worthy of a mention is David James who was superb and the one player I think who deserves an honorary raspberry is Wayne Rooney… talk about over hyped… he was pitiful. So many times over the last week or so have I sat and watched as he’s given the ball away… failed to keep up with the game… I know he’s been injured but please… if he’s not up to the job, he shouldn’t be on the pitch.

Overall, I can describe the England performance as woeful… completely and utterly woeful. Before today I would have said they were lucky not to have gone out. Now, they deserve to go out!!!

Welcome home boys!

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