Over the course of last weekend (Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June), I wrote another WordPress plug-in, which I have just released for public consumption in the form of my Linked Pages plug-in. I got a comment about ACFW from a guy called Emerson who wanted to use it generate links from page to page in his site

Turns out ACFW wasn’t the right tool for the job, after trying to find something suitable for him I figured it would be easier to write a plug-in to meet his needs and so my Linked Pages plug-in came into being. I didn’t link to his site on release day as he wasn’t quite ready, but now he is I figured I’d post and let everyone that’s a regular reader know about his site.

I think it’s a great concept and he’s done a great job on it, so pop on over and check it out. I think it’s a really good example of what you can do with platforms like WordPress these days.

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