A Mac Virgin No More

Well, well… I never thought I’d see the day… but it has arrived… I am no longer a Mac virgin :-)

I have a number of long standing issues with Apple… namely I don’t necessarily agree with the way they conduct themselves at times and I have a dislike of Macintosh computers following a somewhat unfortunate incident involving a crashed Mac classic that I couldn’t eject the disc from.

So imagine the turmoil I feel when my brother asks me if I’ve ever thought of writing iPhone games!!!

The short answer of course was “Yes, I have”. The full length answer was “Yes, I have, but you need a Mac to do the development and then you need an iPhone to test with, so you’re looking at a shed load of cash and whilst I like the idea of trying to make some money doing something I enjoy, I object to giving Apple shed loads of cash”. Thankfully though, my usual partner in crime, Spirit, and my brother seem really keen on this venture.

The later stating he has a whole bunch of ideas, and talking to him, he does indeed have a bunch of cracking ideas. So, with all that in mind, I’ve been pondering whether to bite the bullet and buy a Mac for the last couple of weeks. I have read the Apple website so many times and have spent quite a large amount of time walking around various stores that sell Macs.

Finally on Friday night, I relented and gave in to my wants and am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro.

And I have to say, I like it… I like it a lot.

I said I’ve got a few problems with Apple, one of those is NOT their design. Take the iPod for example… yeah, I’ve done the whole anti-Apple thing and bought a Sansa and I’ve looked at other devices, but I found it very difficult not to keep ending up back at the iPod when I thought about buying another music player. The iPhone is also a nice piece of design and the MacBook Pro is not disappointing with it’s sleek aluminium case, illuminated keyboard, and… I could continue with what is turning out to be a nice list of funky features that just go to make this one of the nicest computing experiences.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, because it’s not. The keyboard for example… no DEL key :-? But a key or two, I can live with. These things are seriously powerful… 2GHz quad core… Nice :-) And I can use some of my funkier software like Reason, Cubase and Zebra… Sweet :-D

Now all I have to do is learn Objective C, how to get the best out of Xcode and hey presto… we’ll all be rich! *crosses fingers*


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