Review – The Barking Dog, Belfast

Rating - 10.0/10.0 - 10

I’ve travelled quite a bit on business in the last two years and as a consequence, I’ve had the opportunity to dine out at a number of different restaurants.  Every night I think to myself “I’m going to write up a quick review” and every night I get busy with work and forget to post.  Tonight, I’m going to post and then get down to some work, so without further ado, here’s a quick review of the place that is possibly my favourite restaurant… The Barking Dog, Malone Road, Belfast.

Everytime I come out to Belfast, I normally stay at the Wellington Park Hotel which is just up the road from The Barking Dog.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve eaten there and I guess that should give you an indication of how nice the food is there.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad meal there (no, I’m not on commission and I’m not getting a free meal out of it).

Tonight, I had a couple of tipples… a pint of their own Barking Brew which is brewed by The Whitewater Brewery in Kilkeel.  This was followed by a bottle of Whitewater’s finest… Belfast Black, a nice dry stout.  Both are really nice drinks, Belfast Black is possibly my favourite… the only beer that comes close is Black Cullen (a beverage I sampled around this time last year in the snow in Inverness at a little pub who’s name escapes me at the moment).

Food wise, I tucked in to flaked crab on toasted sour dough, roasted barbary duck with green beans and pumpkin gnocchi and I broke with my normal starter and main meal plan and had a treat in the form of banana tarte tatin with homemade fudge and clotted cream ice cream.  It was an excellent meal, everything I’ve come to expect from possibly the finest restaurant it’s been my pleasure to dine in.

So, good food, nice beer and to top the evening off, the first fall of snow for this winter… OK, it didn’t stick around, but it was definitely snowing and it just kind of finished off the atmosphere.  That’s another thing I should mention about The Barking Dog… the atmosphere… there’s always nice music playing, the place is lit by candlelight and the staff are attentive but not overbearing and unlike a lot of restaurants, they don’t seem to come along with the question “Is everything OK for you madam?” when I’ve just put a fork full of food in my mouth.

As I say, this is perhaps my favourite restaurant so because I’ve always had a good meal there and the service has always been excellent, I’m going to give it a 10 out of 10.



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