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Well, as I’ve already mentioned in my post about a DNS attack on one of my servers, I’ve bought an iPad and I love it. I narrowly avoided being arrested for fondling the fondle slab (as one of my team calls it) whilst making my purchase decision. It took me a while to make the decision to buy one as I kept wondering whether I would use it.

Well, I can safely answer that question now with an emphatic yes I will use it… ALOT.

It’s proving useful in organising my working life (for this I use ThinkBook, PhatPad by PhatWare and SimpleMind). It also provides an outlet for my creative side (for my writing, I’m using Simplenote which I synchronise with my Scrivener and for my musical tinkerings I have nanostudio, Synthstation and iMS-20 from Korg). I’ve even watched live race timings using the official F1 timing app and live tennis scores with the official Wimbledon app… all in all, it’s great… I just wish I’d bought one sooner… I knew my Tesco’s Clubcard vouchers would come I handy for something ;-)

So apart from fondling my latest technological toy and working, I’ve not been up to too much apart from trying to finish my first piece of business software, working on a novel (actually, the first in a series of three or four books I’d like to write) and working on another module for my Open University studies. This time, it’s MT365… Graphs, Networks and Design.

I’d like to say I find the time to do all of these things well, unfortunately I don’t… that’s part of the reason I bought my iPad, so I could have access to a bunch of this stuff where ever I am, and at whatever time of the day or night I feel like working on them. Ok, so I can’t develop software on it and I do the bulk of my writing with Scrivener on my MacBook Pro, but being able to do some work on them is great.

The software I’m working on is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. I first had the idea for it a couple of years ago when I was working on a big presentation (this may not be big by other people’s standards, but 200+ slides is big by my standards). I never thought I’d say this, but I actually own a copy of Visual Studio, bought specifically for this project and I have to say… where are all the components? Being a hardened Delphi veteran, having a toolbar the is awash with useful stuff is great, so I felt a real sense of disappointment when VS sprang into life with it’s meagre selection of components. Of course, it’s not as simple as just writing the software… I’ve been busy setting up a support website, a website to provide information about the product, a website to sell it (OK, I only had to configure a store on Share-It, but still) and, because I couldn’t justify the cost or because I wasn’t impressed by the products, I had to write my own licensing services… but it’s all coming along nicely and I hope to be in a position to release it later this year.

And that’s about all for now as it’s getting late and I need my fix of Killer Sudoku…all hail the iPad :-D

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