Site Update and Browser Woes

Well, I figured it was about time I gave the site a major overhaul, so here we have it.

The new theme is based on a theme by styleshout, developed by Ekta Paneri. I was hoping to use one straight out of the box so to speak to save time, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be. Once I got it plugged into the widgets sidebar system it needed some serious tweaks for some reason… still… its working now and looking funky in Opera (although I can’t seem to resolve the spacing between the text and the helmets), IE (missing the helmets because IE is a pig) and Mozilla/Firefox.

The only problem is that for some of it to work properly I’ve had to lose the Markup plug-in… so, its going to take me a while to go through all the posts and such and sort all that out (what a chore :-( ). But once its done, it should be funky.

With regards to comments and such like… if you want to comment, then you’ll have to sign-up an account, sorry about that, but I’ve closed comments to all but registered users simply because of the amount of spam I was having to delete.

Anyhow, if you spot a problem with the new theme or anything else on the site, drop me a mail at athena at outer hyphen reaches dot come.

Known issues with the site:-

  • Opera – Versions earlier than 7 may have problems with scripts for the event calendar and also display the helmets for every list items in the side bars
  • IE – Has problems… nuff said.

I’ve been tweaking now for quite a while and well, I have to say, I’m getting real tired of trying to support multiple browsers. With The Outer Reaches I had a nightmare, and that uses tables… but with CSS… layout is specific to each rendering engine, and that is a complete drag.

Surely there is a rendering model in the CSS specification… there must be for it to mean something, so why in the hell does it vary from browser to browser. So far, IE is the worst… whilst it might have a funky DOM and some uber cool goodness (somewhere… I think), it sucks. Opera… well… the less said about that the better. I stopped supporting Opera with OR when their security model blocked the graphics pack. And that brings me onto another thing… why in gods name don’t they resolve the issues with parsing images/stylesheets instead of blocking pages from using local content… I have a legitimate reason to use local content but its becoming increasingly difficult.

Couple that with the fact that IE 7 is real picky about sites using SSL with their own self signed cert’s… it all make up for one big ARGH!!!!!

FireFox and Mozilla all the way baby :-D

So why do I still use Mozilla? Simple… my passwords. I have the majority noted down, but its still a major pain in the butt having to dig them all out… so, why on earth doesn’t FireFox include a password importer for Mozilla password files?

Anyhow… enough of this, I have work to do :-)

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