The Outer Reaches

You know, I’ve had this site for a while and whilst there is a link to it in the blogroll, I’ve never actually mentioned anything about it on here (that I can recall)… I am of course talking about The Outer Reaches – The Second Beginning, the browser based space strategy game Spirit and I created.

First off, I guess, the web address… www.outer-reaches.com.

Its a real time space strategy game that needs nothing more than a compatible web browser to play. You start off with a home planet (this cannot be lost) and by way of researching and building stuff, your aim is to conquer the universe. Although the game itself is realtime, time is only moved on once every hour when the ticker fires up and runs a ‘tick’.

We set out trying to create a game that was better than the majority around at the time we started (2001). In our view, we succeeded as we thoroughly enjoy playing it… even if we don’t get to do that too much on the live system. It has a fully clickable tech tree, on-line help, graphics to accompany everything you can build, configurable fleet strategy allowing you to control how your fleet operates in battle, nice planet images (window dressing I know, but they look great) and even a weekly lottery draw PLANET LOTTO.

If you like space strategy that you can take your time with, then you may want to check it out. Its free to play, but you can purchase account upgrade code to unlock some extra features.

If you do sign up and check it out, I hope you enjoy it. But be warned… I’ve know some very disciplined people who have ‘just tried it’ and then they’ve let the game consume all their time… still… they must have enjoyed it :-)


  • 45 ships
  • 4 ground units
  • 9 probes
  • 37 buildings
  • 25 weapons
  • 9 special projects
  • 150+ items of research
  • Tick based space strategy – Hourly ticks
  • Research and build queues for easy account management
  • Comprehensive on-line help

Browser Compatibility
The best browser to use to play is FireFox, although if you want to (we would recommend you do) use a graphics pack, you do have to do some jiggery pokery with your preferences to allow the use of local stylesheets and images, but onces thats done, I would say its 100% compatible with FireFox.

Here are some screenshots from season 1 to give you an idea of the game and its interface. We are currently running season 2, with season 3 in the pipeline.

Tech Tree Strategy Editor Ship Catalogue

Quadrant View with menu Intelligence Agency Fleets

Factory Overview Building Overview Building Catalogue

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