Outer Reaches Retro Roleplay Engine (ORE)

Outer Reaches Retro Roleplay Engine (or ORE for short) was born when Spirit and I entered the Pascal Game Development ‘Big Boss’ competition in 2006. Having run ‘The Outer Reaches – The Second Beginning’ for a while, we’d talked extensively about making a client based game and the competition was a good excuse to have a go.

The first version was built with Borland Developer Studio 2006 (Delphi) and unDelphiX. It suffered a major flaw and required a rewrite before the competition had ended, as a consequence we came nowhere of note in the final scores, but it did whet our appetite and demonstrated that we should be able to do something. Unfortunately real life got in the way and work ended until sometime in 2007 when I began work on a new version.

Unfortunately this also hit the buffers soon after it was started due again to a lack of time.

Fast forward, it’s now 2013 and Delphi XE5 has emerged from it’s cocoon with the promise of allowing cross platform development for the four most popular gaming operating systems from a single codebase. This is very appealing… VERY appealing. And so once again, the project is kicking off. This time we have some new ideas and a plan to finally bring ‘Outer Reaches – Rise of the Raiders’ to market on PC, OSX, iOS and Android. It’s also going to serve as the basis for a number of articles that I hope will cover a lot of the technical stuff and the decision making process that’s gone on in the background.

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