Develop Touch Portal plug-in interfaces with Delphi

I’m pleased to announce that I have just released ‘BaseTouchPortalInterface’ on GitHub.

This is a base interface class that can be easily extended using annotation with attributes to implement bespoke interfaces for Touch Portal plug-ins. All communications are handled for you, at the most basic level all you need to do is provide the handler methods for the various actions/connectors/lists implemented by your plug-in.

Full details are available on GitHub.

Touch Portal Plugin Development – A Review

Part of my streaming setup is a program called StreamHelper (SH). This is a Delphi application that does a bunch of stuff including playing music and running scripts for automation. The original interface between Touch Portal (TP) and SH was a unidirectional HTTP request based system. The net result was limited capabilities and a need to refer to the source code to keep looking up the request paths and for things like requesting a song, a need to lookup request params and then the information to put in them by searching through the music lists.

I was aware from the moment I started using Touch Portal that they had a plug-in API but for some reason I put off making one and I kept putting it off until a couple of days ago. This post is a bit of a retrospective on my efforts and a few comments about the API and how I think it could be improved.

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