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Discord Not Displaying Images You Served Yourself?

If you're experiencing issues with Discord not displaying images you server yourself from some kind of web server, the answer could be as simple as including the CA chain bundle when you setup the server.

I was having problems with my Discord/Twitch bot being unable to serve images into Discord (that is to say if I posted a link to an image served by the bots web server) it wouldn't render... could be a link posted in chat or a link in an embed.

Because I'm used to working primarily with self-signed certificates where the CA bundle is about as much value as the certificate itself in the eyes of many, I've never included it when setting up an HTTP Server instance in Node.JS.

This singular action appears to be the difference between Discord loading my images and not. I have just modified the setup to include the CA bundle when creating the server and now all of my images appear to load properly within Discord.

So moral of the story... include all the certificate files you get shipped when you buy an SSL certificate :) If you don't you're probably going to be disappointed when Discord doesn't render your images. Hope this little nugget helps someone out and saves you trying to figure out what's going on.