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Named Pipes in Delphi

There are some tutorials about using named pipes in Delphi but after much searching during my own use of them, I wasn't able to find any information to solve my problem, so here is what I learned.

Notion - The killer organiser?

I know I've not long said I was going to focus on software development but I can't help but want to share a little bit of info about a product/service called Notion (a link will be posted below, with good reason), I promise this will be short 😄

In the process of trying to re-ignite my love of software development, I've been looking at various tools for managing issues, tracking what's in progress, keeping notes related to the project together. Previously I've used Redmine, Mantis, OneNote, a notebook, TUTOS, phpProject, Excel and YouTrack (I'm sure there are more including countless iPad apps) and whilst many of them do somethings well, I've always found it's not well enough or easily enough to make the lack of other things I want a non-issue.

Enter Notion.

New Website (August 2019)

It's been a long time since I did anything here, and in that time quite a lot has gone on, not least software engineering is no longer my profession. The reasons for this are numerous and will probably be the subject of a future post. Suffice to say I now spend my days as a self-employed electrical contractor, a complete change from sitting behind a desk all day and one that I am thoroughly enjoying despite my office very often being someone's cobweb infested loft 😄