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Notion Status Property - Allow Empty Status With No Defaults

This is a little nugget for Notion users who would like to take advantage of the status property type but who don't want a default value for all records.

Why might you want to do this? Well, my requirement was for a timeline of events/procedures that have a status (not started, in progress, done etc.) and points in time for connecting other things which don't have a status themselves (a monitoring record for example).

If you have a similar requirement and are avoiding using the status property type because of it's default value, read on 😄

New Website (January 2024)

I've been contemplating this move for a while and as is my want I've procrastinated... alot... but the time is finally here.

It's time to bid farewell to a trusty stead and all the baggage it carries with it and welcome in a new era of content creation.